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Welcome to the online press kit for Don Maruska & Company, Inc.

No issue is too tough for Decision-Making Dynamo, Don Maruska.

Don Maruska is a Master Business Coach with 30 years of experience with businesses, governments, and community groups, including:

  • Successful coach to dozens of clients and thousands of people.
  • "Business Success" newspaper columnist.
  • Founder and CEO of 3 Silicon Valley companies.
  • MBA and JD from Stanford University.
  • Recipient of the 1988 National Innovators Award

Don offers keen insight into what it takes to succeed, ways to turn business vulnerabilities into attractive opportunities, and ten proven steps to making great decisions. His presentations make a huge impact on audiences with the elements of Insight, Vision, Results, Value, and Fun. Audeinces discover the resources to:


  • Grow their businesses successfully
  • Solve tough issues together in any setting
  • Get people working together for lasting results
  • Inform, motivate, and inspire and audience to take action

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This online press kit is designed to meet the media's needs. Visit Don's Web site: http://www.donmaruska.com/ for more information, or to purchase products.

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